Tânia Valente

Tânia Sofia Gomes Valente


Conservatory Music School and a researcher at CESEM and CET-FLUL. She studied Music at the Gregorian Institute in Lisbon -course of Gregorian Chant- and at ESML – BA in Singing. She holds a degree in Modern Languages and Literatures: English and German Studies (FLUL). She holds also the LGSM (Licenciate by the Guildhall School of Music and Drama), from the Trinity College. She studied singing with Helena Afonso, Ana Paula Russo and Marina Ferreira, Luís Madureira and Elsa Saque, Ana Ester Neves, Lúcia Lemos and Elvira Ferreira. She also attended Masterclasses with Jeanette-Fávaro Reuter and Walter Moore, Mara Zampieri, Tom Krause, Enza Ferrari, Ivonne Minton, Elsa Saque, José de Oliveira Lopes, João Lourenço and Flávio Carvalho. As a soloist in opera, she was “Fanny” in The Cooper by Thomas Arne (Trindade Theater), “2nd Lady” in Mozart’s Magic Flute and “Sebastiana”, in her own Portuguese version of Mozart’s “Bastien und Bastienne”. In addition to performing regularly in recitals, she has been a member of the Gulbenkian Choir since 2005. With this choir she has participated in concerts of symphonic choral music, A Capella choir music, recordings, tours and operas. Her research interests include science and vocal pedagogy and the relations between Music and Literature. In 2016 she organized the 1st International Colloquium “Voice on the Stage”. She is a collaborator of the magazine “Glosas” and author of the book “The Portuguese Language in Lyrical Singing: historical context and relations between technique and phonetics”. In 2017 she released her debut album, “Gustavo Romanoff Salvini: Portuguese Music Songbook” with the pianist Bernardo Marques and the support of the GDA Foundation.