IPL is located at the IPL (Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa) and devotes its research activities, namely to questions related to musical artistic practice – interpretation, composition and improvisation – and its teaching.

CESEM.Polo IPL develops projects within the areas defined in its lines of research, welcoming and integrating in its teams ESML sudents or other teaching and research institutions through the existing cooperation protocols.
The CESEM.Polo IPL aims to:

  • Develop research activities in the areas of Theory, Learning, Interpretation and Musical Creation;
  • Disseminate scientific and artistic knowledge through publications on any media, scientific meetings, colloquium, congresses, concerts, sound or mixed installations, commented concerts, etc.;
  • Establish contacts with external entities, through the conclusion of protocols, agreements and contracts, to carry out research, development and specialized professional training activities.
  • To promote the articulation between teaching, research and musical practice in order to promote the updating and renewal in this area of ​​expertise.
Integrated members

António Esteireiro
Carlos Caires (Composition)
Carlos Fernandes (Composition)
Carlos Marecos (Composition)
Diogo Alarcão
Fernando Fontes
João Madureira
João Vaz
Miguel Henriques
Manuel Jerónimo (Clarinet)
Paulo Gaspar (Clarinet)
Pedro Couto Soares (Recorder)
Sérgio Azevedo (Composition)



Caio Rodrigues
Carlos Cruz
Guiilherme Ribeiro
Maria Bailey
Nicholas McNair
Paulo Pacheco
Pedro Santos
Ricardo Pinheiro
Sílvia Mateus