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International Conference Music & Museum: Protection and Research of Musical and Sound Heritage

Result of the partnership between the National Music Museum of Lisbon, the Centre for Research in History of Collections and Museums of the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Brazil) and the Tagus-Atlanticus Associação Cultural, the International Conference Music & Museum: protection and research of musical and sound heritage aims to gather specialists from Brazil, Portugal and Spain to discuss the protection strategies of tangible and intangible heritage related to music and sounds, particularly on what regards the collections of museums, including music instruments, archival sources and collections of sound recordings in the Ibero-American space. We intend to discuss the ways museums elaborate their mission or social function on what concerns music and the sound universe; such as how institutions plan and support musical research from the past and from other societies facing the diverse needs of museologists, historians and other researchers; which conceptual parameters are used to the conformation, development and documentation of collections; how the educative role of music museums are thought and how the communication of musical archives in these houses of heritage is conceived. Thereby, beyond mapping museological practices and thoughts on music as a cultural heritage, we intend to break the silence from museums by means of a multidisciplinary dialogue.

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