Call for papers: III Historical Soundscapes Meeting – New Sonorities / New Listenings – Évora 2021

The Historical soundscape has been steadily moving forward as a field of study over the last few years, fostering significant debate over an approach of the presence of sound and music at historical events. It is also a concept that has challenging researchers and artists from various subject areas to create works that allow us to revisit the past, today, through sound representations. If on one hand those experiences allow for an appreciation of new sonorities with new meanings, on the other they encourage a reflection of the sound phenomenon and the ways of listening in the past, present or even, by speculation, the future. Presently, a debate asserts itself in regard to worldwide events (like the pandemic) and its impact upon urban centers and the changes of their soundscapes: silenced sounds, unveiled sounds.
It is in this framework that the III Historical Soundscape Meeting aims to promote – following the New Sonorities | New Listenings thematic – research regarding landscapes, spaces and cities, highlighting the interdisciplinary nature and fomenting the meaning, reflection and representation of sounds and music in the following topics:

  • Historical soundscape;
  • Iconographic studies regarding sound and music;
  • Musical practices embedded within soundscapes;
  • Sound Mappings;
  • “Sound Arts”;
  • Sound, music and new technologies;
  • Acoustic ecology / Geophonies / Biophonies;
  • Listening modes.

Which should be submitted in a word file until May 25, 2021, at

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