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Tânia Valente – Antena 2 Program “Claraboia: Portuguese music and literature”

Claraboia: Portuguese Music and Literature

With a title inspired by a homonymous novel by José Saramago, “Claraboia” is a program that seeks to listen to the music that is present in Portuguese texts (through specific references), listen to the music that could illustrate these texts and even the music that these texts inspired. Great authors and great novels with musical references set the tone for this program, which runs through the pages of works such as “Aparição” and Vergílio Ferreira, “Os Maias” and “O Primo Basílio” by Eça de Queiroz”, “A Sereia” by Camilo Castelo-Branco, “The night of the singing women” by Lídia Jorge, as well as 4 novels by José Saramago and the poetry of Camões, Garrett and Fernando Pessoa.

The program airs on Saturdays at 10pm, with reruns at Mondays at 1pm.

A program by Tânia Valente

Program themes

  • “Aparição” by Vergílio Ferreira
  • “Os Maias” by Eça de Queiroz
  • “Primo Basílio” by Eça de Queiroz
  • “As intermitências da Morte” by José Saramago
  • “Memorial do Convento” by José Saramago
  • The music in the work of Almeida Garrett
  • Almeida Garret in Music
  • “A Sereia” by Camilo Castelo-Branco
  • “Claraboia” by José Saramago
  • “Don Giovanni” by Saramago and Corghi
  • Luis Vaz de Camões
  • Fernando Pessoa
  • “A noite das mulheres cantoras” by Lídia Jorge