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On the Acoustics of the Vianna da Motta Auditorium in Lisbon
Diogo Alarcão, Pedro Bello, Octávio Inácio

This article discusses the acoustic signature of the Vianna da Motta Auditorium of the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa of the Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa, in Portugal. The study carried out aimed to correlate the objective acoustic parameters measured with the subjective acoustic impressions of musical performances inside the auditorium. The objective acoustic evaluation used standard procedures according to NP ISO 3382, but also binaural measurements with a head dummy, measurements with a spherical array of 64 channels through an acoustic camera, as well as acoustic modeling software.

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Diogo Alarcão is the first author of the paper “Determination of room acoustic parameters using spherical beamforming – The example of Lisbon’s Garrett Hall” that was published in the scientific journal Applied Acoustics, volume 192, April 2022.

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This paper focus on the determination of room acoustic objective parameters using rigid sphere spherical beamforming. This determination was done through post-processing of the audio signals recorded with a 64-channel spherical acoustic camera. The work was carried out during the acoustical assessment of the Garrett Hall in the D. Maria II National Theatre in Lisbon. For comparison purposes, the assessment was complemented using standard experimental measuring techniques, according to the ISO 3382 standard, employing an omnidirectional and a figure-of-eight microphone. The obtained results show that the average Hall’s acoustic metrics obtained through spherical beamforming agree very well with the corresponding metrics as determined through the ISO 3382 procedure, except for the early lateral fraction JLF, where some differences in most octave bands is seen.