Participation of several CESEM researchers in the exhibition “De casa para um mundo”

The exhibition “De casa para um mundo” will be inaugurated on the 28th of April, at Colégio Almada Negreiros (CAN), in the fencing room.

“The exhibition project, hosted by the XXI Cerveira Art Biennial in 2020, was intended to encourage creativity in the isolation that affects everyone, activating the set of creators, who could not find each other, established networks of communication with each other.
Plastic artists conceived their two-dimensional pieces from the 15 words sent to them by writers and poets. Gradually, excerpts from 15 worlds by 15 writers emerged before all of us, focusing on the respective 15 words sent to the 15 visual artists. From the words, thoughts and actions resulted 15 unexpected and sublime works, the result of various techniques.
Music was associated with the project, based on the collaboration of 15 composers who, in turn, developed musical pieces, taking as a stimulus the works of the writing-image duos [+ sound].
We highlight the participation of 5 Designers who created 5 images to publicize the project.
Between the sounds of words and musical pieces, the images reverberate the conviction of a world in which the human presence is lucid.”

Maria de Fátima Lambert (Exhibition Curator)

This project had the participation of several CESEM researchers as composers, among them Isabel Pires, Carlos Caires, Carlos Marecos and Sérgio Azevedo).