The Sciencepreneur program is aimed at NOVA scientists who are seeking to create value from their research activities. It focuses on the acquisition of the basic concepts and understanding on how to generate value from research activities into a wider context, namely their benefits to the economy and society at large.

The program started in 2020 and runs annually. It aims to developed skills and competences in the Entrepreneurship area and to understand how to commercialize the technology/service or scientific breakthrough and to develop a go-to-market strategy. It is also open to scientists who want to understand how to create value out of their research (e.g. public policies, etc.).

The program culminates with a final pitch presentation and an award of 1.000€ to the best project.

Comprising theoretical lectures, case studies and discussion sessions with successful science-based entrepreneurs, investors and corporate CEOs, this course will provide insights and an hands-on approach into the process of knowledge-driven innovation and science valorization, besides creating awareness of the impact that scientists can have from an economical and societal perspective, as well as of protecting intellectual property rights. It aims to accelerate knowledge transfer at NOVA, supporting scientists with a technological or scientific breakthrough to identify the best path for its commercialization, through guidance on how to build a go-to-market strategy, or to value the research towards impact.

The Sciencepreneur is organized by the NOVA Impact office in articulation with The Lisbon MBA and NOVA SBE, but also with renowned Venture Capital firms and with the support of a network of experts and mentors in several areas of knowledge.

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