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(Masters, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Students)

  • Requests to join CESEM as a temporary researcher received by the scientific management team or another member of CESEM should be forwarded to the coordinator of the research group most appropriate for the proposal or project;
  • The coordinator of each research group should forward the request (CV and proposal) received to the Board so that it can be evaluated, copying this to the scientific management team;
  • The Board of CESEM should issue a favourable or unfavourable opinion on the admission of the visiting researcher and send it to the coordinator of the group in question, copying this to the scientific management team;
  • The visiting researcher, if admitted, should fill in the following documents and forms: member’s record, visitor’s form; personal record for the CESEM website.


  • The admission of a visiting researcher is dependent on a favourable assessment by the Board;
  • Any expenses or legal requirements on the part of the visiting researcher must be borne by the researcher, either personally or institutionally;
  • A researcher from CESEM should be nominated to be responsible for the scientific orientation of the project that the visiting researcher will undertake.
Form for visitors here
Form for CESEM’s website Personal Page here.
Researcher info form here.
Form for requesting content insertion into CESEM Website here.
  • The form filling is mandatory to request the insertion of contents (news, events, researchers participation) into CESEM website. The contents must be in PT and EN. The publishing has to be approved by the website editor, the Executive Secretary of CESEM. We recommend that the contents be submitted with, at least, a week beforehand. The news (except calls for papers/conferences and information from CESEM) stay published in the homepage for 15 days. After that they’ll be available in the All news section.
    • Events are conferences/colloquia, workshops, seminars, concerts and similar activities. All events will be available in the Events Calendar here.
    • News are call for papers/conferences, awards, concerts and other activities related with the researchers and their work.
    • Researcher’s Activities it’s information that can be a simple list of the future participations, with events name, location, date and a small description (presentation/session/etc.) or other relevant information.
    • To insert documents concerning the content (poster, image, photo, etc.), you have to login in a Google account to be able to upload. Maximum 5 files. If you don’t have a Google account, please send an email with the documents to: (for news); (for events); (for researcher participation).
Form for the loan of CESEM equipment here.

Documents for CESEM’s Researchers


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