Musical iconography

Coordinator: Luzia Aurora Rocha

The Musical Iconography theme line is transversal to several fields of study in the panorama of Musical Sciences. It involves all CESEM research groups that use image with musical motifs as a working tool, whether static (for example, works of art) or dynamic (eg films).

Musical Iconography is an area of study in vogue that brings together more and more researchers around the world. In Portugal, the studies in this area are developed in close collaboration with the International Musicological Society and with RIdIM, having as base structure the NIM / CESEM – Núcleo de Iconografia Musical.

The main objectives of this theme are:

– Collection of sources and cataloging in the database of the specialty. Teaching, training and development are promoted within the framework of international norms and criteria for the treatment, description and indexing of images with musical motifs;

– Assistance and support for the preparation of studies and / or projects using Music Iconography as a resource;

– Guidance and continuous training in studies of analysis and interpretation of image with musical content, whether in the form of tutorials, seminars, courses or other actions;

– Creation and development of individual projects and cooperation at a national and international level, assuming this line as creator and dynamizing new vanguards.


Thematic Line Team:

Ana Dias, Isabel Monteiro, Luís Correia de Sousa, Nicola Bizzo, Nuno Prates, Ricardo Vilares, Sónia Duarte.