Ana Isabel Vasconcelos

Ana Isabel Pereira Teixeira de Vasconcelos

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Ana Isabel Vasconcelos teaches at “Universidade Aberta” since 1989, having previously been a teacher of secondary education. In 1978, she completed her degree in Germanic Philology in the “Faculdade de Letras /Universidade de Lisboa”. She has a master’s degree in Comparative Studies, by the FCHS UNL, with the dissertation Pedro o Cru: o real e o simbólico. In 2000, she gets a PhD in Portuguese studies, in the specialty of Portuguese literature, with a thesis entitled O Drama Histórico Português do Século XIX ou Ficções da Representação Histórica no Tempo de Almeida Garrett (1836-56), published in 2003 by FCT/FCG. In “Universidade Aberta” she has been teaching subjects of literature and theatre studies and performing arts. She has been the adviser of research studies and she has been invited by other higher education institutions to integrate master and PhD juries. As an investigator, she has been dedicated especially to the theatre studies related to the 19th and 20th centuries. She is a member of the “Centro de Estudos de Teatro” of FL/UL. She has published in national and international magazines, collaborated in books and currently shares with Maria João Brilhante, the scientific coordination of the Portuguese Theatre Biographies collection – a project of the “Centro de Estudos de Teatro” – sponsored by the National Theatre D. Maria II and S. João and edited by INCM, having already been published the first three volumes. She was also the scientific coordinator of the collection “Pages of Theatre”, a publication of the National Museum of Theatre with the generic title of “Theatre in Lisbon at the time of …”. (3 titles edited). She is a member of the Editorial Board of the “Universidade Aberta” and a member of the Portuguese Association of Theatre Critics.