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Cecília Valentim


Cecília Valentim

Music/Social Psychology

Cecilia Valentim is a singer, therapist and vocal educator. PhD student in Social Psychology by Institute of Psychology – University of São Paulo. Master in Social Psychology by Institute of Psychology, University of Sao Paulo. Graduated in Music / Singing from Santa Marcelina College of Arts. She is a member of LAPA – Art Psychology Research Laboratory and the Social Aesthetics Group (USP / CNPq). In England, specialized in Ancient Music with Emma Kirkby and Evelyn Tubb, with a scholarship from The British Council. In Spain, specialized in ancient music with Jordi Savall and Montserrat Figueiras. She is specialized in different approaches of Body Psychotherapy as Bioenergetic Analysis and Biosynthesis. Leader of the Universal Peace Dances by The Dances of Universal Peace Institute. A pioneer in Brazil and innovative in the Art of Singing as a way of personal transformation and expression, she created the approach The Art of Being Singing and develops various activities in her own space, institutions and companies, both individually and in groups. For over 30 years she has been improving and performing her work as an artist, therapist and educator in different places in Brazil and abroad.


COELHO, Cecília M. V. T.; ANDRIOLO, Arley. A potência revolucionária do alargamento da sensibilidade por meio da arte. Revista Santa Rita, Faculdade Santa Rita, São Paulo (SP), ano 12, n. 24, dez. 2017b, pp. 48-54. ISSN: 1980-1742.

COELHO, Cecília M.V.T. A experiência estética tecida pelo canto no processo social: sensibilidade, tempo e pertencimento. Dissertação de Mestrado (Psicologia Social). Instituto de Psicologia da Universidade de São Paulo, 2017.

Post-Doc/PhD/Master Thesis
Title Ph. D: The Aesthetic Community constituted by singing in the social process: Rite, Celebration and Belonging

Arley Andriolo


The research “Aesthetic Community constituted by singing in the social process: Rite, Celebration and Belonging” aims to understand, in the field of Social Aesthetics, how and to what extent the practice of singing together can constitute an aesthetic field that makes it possible to overcome differences. , embrace distinctions, integrate values ​​and strengthen the sense of belonging to a community that emerges from a sensitive experience shared in the social process. The fundamental concept of the research is “aesthetic community”, developed from the phenomenology of Arnold Berleant (1997), emeritus professor of philosophy at Long Island University (USA) and former president of the International Association of Aesthetics, whose philosophy articulates the concept of Engagement with revising the notion of the environment since the 1990s.The adopted method will be based on the phenomenology and the phenomenological method, especially the one developed by LAPA, Art Psychology Research Laboratory of the Institute of Psychology of the University of São Paulo. A research field will be constituted that will provide the data for the analysis and understanding of the proposed study. From it will emerge the categories that will underlie the theoretical systematization.