Filipa Magalhães

Research Group

Filipa Magalhães is a musicologist and researcher at the Centre for the Study of the Sociology and Aesthetics of Music (CESEM), NOVA FCSH. She completed her degree in Musicology (2006) and her Master’s degree in Musical Arts (2013) at NOVA FCSH. In the context of her research, attended training courses at key institutions in the field of audiovisual preservation, such as: Phonogrammarchiv—the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna (2010); and Ina—Institut National de l’Audiovisuel in Paris (2014). Magalhães was a PhD candidate under the Music as Culture and Cognition programme (2016-2019), funded by FCT—Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia. In 2017, she interned at CSC—Centro di Sonologia Computazionale at the University of Padua in Italy, working on the magnetic tape collections of Luciano Berio and Luigi Nono. She completed my PhD in Musicology (2020), dedicating herself to the preservation of music theatre works by the composer Constança Capdeville, documenting and studying the works with cross-cutting methodological approaches from musicology and archival science. This led to a Postgraduate Degree in Historical Archivistics at NOVA FCSH (2022). She is currently studying a Master’s degree Digital Curation and Digital Humanities aiming to build a digital archive to preserve music theatre works. Her activity as a scholar has been reflected in the expansion made in the field of contemporary Portuguese music preservation with the publication of numerous articles in recognized international peer-reviewed journals. She is editor-in-chief of NOVA Contemporary Music Journal and co-chair of the international conference NOVA Contemporary Music Meetings. She was awarded a CEEC junior researcher position (2022) with the project titled ‘Music Theatre Preservation: A Bridge between Musicology and Archival Science’, funded by FCT. She is co-coordinator of the Contemporary Music Research Group (GIMC) at CESEM NOVA FCSH.