Filipa Magalhães

Filipa Magalhães holds a PhD in Musicology. She is a researcher at CESEM – Centre for the Study of the Sociology and Aesthetics of Music, FCSH, NOVA University of Lisbon. Her research focuses on documenting and preserving contemporary musical works featuring different technological components, as well as developing interdisciplinary methods and tools in order to document and study these works from a musicological viewpoint. In 2013, she completed an MA degree in Musical Arts: Music and Technology with her thesis entitled “Survey of magnetic tape collections: evaluation of their state of preservation”. During this research period, she completed an internship at the Phonogrammarchiv – the Austrian Academy of Sciences, in Vienna, run by engineer Nadja Wallaszkovits. In 2014, she joined a training course at Institut National de lAudiovisuel in Paris, a centre specialized in public cultural broadcasting, the retrieval and transmission of French audio-visual heritage, under the guidance of sound engineer Vincent Fromont. In 2017, she attended an internship at CSC – Centro di Sonologia Computazionale, integrated into the Department of Information Engineering, University of Padova, where the initial studies on the application of electronic and digital technologies to sound and music took place. There, under the guidance of Dr Sergio Canazza, she worked on the Luciano Berio and Luigi Nono audio collections. Currently, she specifically works on a set of music theatre works by the composer Constança Capdeville, with the purpose of recovering them through documentation, among other collections belonging to Portuguese contemporary music composers and ensembles. She intends to continue studying this body of work through this research project. She is a member of the Contemporary Music Research Group (GIMC), integrated into CESEM NOVA FCSH.


Publications and other outputs:

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