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João Pedro Martins Delgado

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PhD in Music and Musicology in 2020 from the University of Évora. Specialist title in Musical Training and Choral Education in 2023 from the ESML-IPL / ESMAE-IPP / ESART-IPCB Consortium. Master’s degree in Music – Viola in 2014 from IPCB. Artistic Director and Performer at João Roiz Ensemble, and Violist at Síntese-GMC. One of the most prominent Portuguese violists. Guest-Professor at the School of Applied Arts – Polytechnic Institute of C. Branco.

Dedicatee or co-dedicatee of works for solo viola, viola and electronics, or chamber music by composers such as Sérgio Azevedo, António Pinho Vargas, João Pedro Oliveira, Eduardo Patriarca, César Viana, Luís Tinoco, Sara Carvalho, Fernando Lapa, Jaime Reis, Pedro Amaral, Carlos Marecos, Tiago Derriça, Cândido Lima, Alexandre Delgado, Anne Vitorino de Almeida, César Viana, Pedro Faria Gomes, Edward Luiz d’Abreu, Vasco Mendonça, Ana Seara, Hugo Vasco Reis, Carlos Azevedo, Nuno Corte-Real, Paulo Bastos, Sofia Sousa Rocha, Carlos Guedes, or Christopher Bochmann, among others.

He has performed in solo concerts or chamber music with musicians such as António Rosado, Dejan Ivanovic, Carlos Alves, Morgan Szimansky, Filipe Quaresma, João Aboim, Miguel Carvalhinho, Carlos Canhoto, Fausto Neves, Natalia Riabova, José Corvelo, Marina Pacheco, Carisa Marcelino, Catherine Strynckx, among others.

João has been the artistic director of the Belgais Association – Center for the Study of the Arts – Maria João Pires´ artistic project.

He was author of musical programs on the classical music national radio broadcasting company.

He collaborated with orchestras such as the Gulbenkian Orchestra, Orquestra do Norte, or Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa, among others, conducted by conductors such as Michael Zilm, Alex Klein, César Viana, Miguel Graça Moura, Ferreira Lobo, Pedro Neves, Jan Wierzba, Ian Mikirtumov, or Christopher Bochmann.

With various chamber groups or solo, he has already performed in the main Portuguese concert halls, as well as in Mexico, China, Ireland, Andorra, England, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, and other European countries.

He participated in the recording of several albums (Solo Viola, João Roiz Ensemble, Síntese – Contemporary Music Group, Quartet São Roque, Solo Viola and Electronics, etc.) and several of his concerts were broadcast on radios and televisions in the country and abroad.