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Mariana da Silva Miguel


Mariana da Silva Miguel

Research Fellow

Mariana Miguel is a pianist and percussionist studying for a Masters in Performance (Piano) at University of Évora. As a performer, she collaborates with Companhia de Música Teatral (Pianoscope, Porcelain and Crystal Gamelan) and WeTumTum (CRASSH). She studied in the University of Aveiro under guidance from Pedro Burmester and Fausto Neves, and is now currently working under the supervision of Ana Telles. Through her education as a musician, she found interest in the performing arts and the interactions between performers and the audience. The collaboration between herself and Companhia de Música Teatral started in 2016, through the mutual interest in education and new performative practices. With focus on social and community interactions, her work as an educator ranges from piano teacher to music facilitator, working with Escola de Artes da Bairrada, MUSA (Escola de Música de Aveiro) and other educational entities.

Scholarship Reference: UID/EAT/00693/2019