XSOUND software patent registration by CESEM researcher Jonas Runa

XSOUND – software registered with legal deposit with ASSOFT (Portuguese Software Association)

Author: João Manuel Marques Carrilho (Jonas Runa)

Description: A MoCap system (motion-capture) is the process of digitally recording the movement of objects or people. In this context, the XSENS system presents itself as one of the most advanced tools in MoCap 3D, including 17 wireless inertial sensors installed in a human body. Starting from the XSENS system, the present invention (XSOUND) concerns the sonification of movement through software that converts geometric parameters (Euler angles in three axes) into audible signals. The datagrams from XSens are unzipped in Javascript, where they are converted into sound signals and sent by OSC (Open Sound Control) to the Supercollider sound programming language, where a family of proper classes is subsequently applied. The software uses advanced techniques of Artificial Intelligence, Self-Organizing Maps and Cluster analysis, among others. Through real-time sonification of the movement, the present invention can make an original contribution to different areas, such as scientific research, music, medical applications, sports, entertainment, ergonomics, art and robotics. Registration is valid in all Berne Convention signatory countries.