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Inscrições abertas | Curso de Verão “Viver o canto: um caminho sensível para o alargamento da sensibilidade e expressão vocal”

Objectivos: Adquirir recursos para alargamento da sensibilidade e perceção multissensorial por meio do canto; Adquirir conhecimentos sobre o canto como experiência estética a partir da conceção de Arnold Berleant; Desenvolver e ampliar a perceção corporal por meio de jogos e práticas corporais; Adquirir ferramentas para o desenvolvimento do movimento expressivo em integração com a voz;...
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27 Jun 2022

GTCC 2022 Seminar Cycle Session #1

Session no. 1 Silencing the Other: Intersections of Disability, Gender and Music in Cinematic Representation • James Deaville (Carleton University) «This paper uncovers the problematic intersection of music, disability, and gender in recent Hollywood films that feature non-speaking women as protagonists: Ada in The Piano (1994) and Elise in The Shape of Water (2017). The popular press has lauded both...
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24 Jun 2022

CESEM’s Regular Research Symposium: Session #15

CESEM’s Regular Research Symposium aims to present to its community and the general public its researchers, as well as their academic and professional backgrounds and their work at CESEM, especially the project(s) on which they are currently working or will develop in the near future. Each bimonthly session (the first five sessions will occur weekly, however)...
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1 Jun 2022

Music and Interpretation: a new platform for musician-researchers

Research plays an increasingly decisive role in Higher Education, and Music Interpretation is an increasingly active, broad, diversified and stimulating research area. For this reason, the Center for the Study of Sociology and Musical Aesthetics (CESEM) recently created the thematic line “Music and Interpretation”, which brings together researchers from various groups and centers with an...
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Changes to Google Drive storage limits for FCSH accounts

We alert our CESEM community to pay attention to the changes that FCSH will have to make regarding Google Drive storage, which until now was unlimited, but that from the 1st of July on will be limited to a 20GB of storage capacity per account (see PDF attached). We ask our researchers and collaborators to...
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