Publication Proposals for CESEM

Guidelines of the Editorial Committee regarding the presentation of CESEM proposals for publication

In a first stage, all the proposals for publications to be submitted to the Editorial Committee of CESEM should include the following elements:

  • Brief curriculum vitae of the author(s);
  • List of previous publications (books, articles, theses);
  • Complete index of the work to be published;
  • Detailed description of the content;
  • Specification of how the work will contribute to the production of knowledge in its area of ​​expertise;
  • Predicting the number of pages;
  • At least one complete chapter, or equivalent sample, of the text to be published;
  • Indication of the number of frames, tables and / or illustrations (in color or black and white), if possible as a percentage of the total number of pages; when appropriate, including an authorization to reproduce the illustrations;
  • Indication of number of examples, or total of pages, in musical notation; when appropriate, include an authorization of reproduction;
  • Indication of special formats and/or relevant technical specifications;
  • In the case of an attached CD-Rom or audio CD, a statement on the existence or not of previous recordings and their reproduction authorization (in particular the SPA), as well as a separate budget for the production of such material;
  • Any other elements that allow the strict budgeting of the publication.


After preliminary approval by the Editorial Committee, the full text must be submitted, which will be the object of an external opinion. Following this opinion, amendments, corrections and other suggestions for improvement of the submitted proposal may be recommended.


CESEM Editorial Committee
Benoît Gibson
Bernadette Nelson
Eduarda Carvalho
Elsa De Luca
Paula Gomes Ribeiro
Vanda de Sá