Therapeutic Effects of Music

Therapeutic Effects of Music

Coordinator: Eduarda Carvalho

The thematic line Therapeutic Effects of Music (LETM) aims to carry out multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research into topics of interest to the various CESEM groups that can contribute to the development of research into the Therapeutic Effects of Music. The thematic areas of study can focus on different populations in the human life cycle in situations of vulnerability with the aim of prevention or therapeutic intervention.

LETM encourages the participation of researchers (junior and senior) with different levels of experience, as well as the consultancy of other professionals and experts in the field of medical sciences through links between the university and healthcare institutions, particularly hospitals.

LETM was set up in 2014 as a result of the interest shown by some members of the Education and Human Development Group. The projects developed and underway have focused particularly on action research methodologies, participant observation and microanalysis in groups at earlier stages of human development, namely pregnant women and teenage mothers, observation of fetal behaviour markers in the context of ultrasound and vocal interaction, observation of physiological indicators in preterm mother-baby dyads in the context of a Neonatal Care Unit.


Filipa Martins Baptista Lã (UNED) | João Manuel Rosado de Miranda Justo (FP – UL) | Alexandra Sofia Puga Alvarez de Faria Queirós (CHULC- Polo MAC) | Cláudia Quaresma (NOVA FCT) | Inês Garcia | Ricardo Panela