Celina Arroz

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Celina Arroz (1951) is native of Martim Longo, municipality of Alcoutim, Faro District, and lives in Sines. She has a degree in History in the Universidade Clássica de Lisboa (1988); Master Degree in Education Sciences (Health Education), with the dissertation, Resolução de conflitos na sala de aula (2003), in the Faculdade de Motricidade Humana/UTL; PHD in Educational Sciences (Psychology and Education), with the dissertation, Autodisciplina na sala de aula: alunos mais envolvidos e professores mais confiantes? (2015), in the Universidade Nova de Lisboa; History teacher (3rd and secondary teacher), at Sines school group, retired teacher; Trainer of teachers in conflict prevention and resolution (since 2003) and self-discipline in classroom (since 2015); Coordinator of Education Territory of Priority Intervention Project (2008 to 2019); President of the Pedagogic Council (2006-2008); President of the teaching performance evaluation committee (2006-2008); Coordinator of the Department of Social and Human Sciences (2005-2010); Technician in health promotion and education in basic and secondary schools in DREAlentejo (1998-2000); Participation in the project of the Ministry of Education – National Programme of Promotion of the Educational Attainment, as a trainer of headmasters and other school staff, in the Training Course of Planning a Strategic Action to Promote the Quality of Learning (2016); Member of founding team and coordinator of Alentejo Litoral Meeting History (2008 to 2019); Cooperation member of Cultural Center Emmerico Nunes (1989 to 2019), where she held several management positions and coordination of activities of cultural institution; Researcher of the writer Aquilino Ribeiro, with published studies, supported by the Aquilino Ribeiro Foundation, one of them, Aquilino Ribeiro: Evolução do homem republicano (2011), supported by the National Commission for the Celebrations of the Centenary of the First Republique; research interest in music – benefits of musical learning in children; motivation to learn music.