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Celina Arroz


Celina Arroz


Trainer of teachers in project methodology (since 1999), prevention and resolution of conflicts at school (since 2003) and self-discipline in classroom (since 2015).

Since 1989 – Associate member of Emmerico Nunes Cultural Centre in Sines, where she has worked with working groups, as a member or coordinator of groups, she has held several positions in the board of this cultural institution: Vice-President of the General Assembly (2010-2014); Vice-President of the School Board (2008 -2010); School’s principal (2006-2008); Vice President of the School Board (2005-2014); Vice President of the Supervisory Board (2003-2005); Member of the School Board (2001-2003); Secretary of the General Assembly (1996-2000); Vice President of the School Board (1992-1994); Secretary of the General Assembly (1990-1992).

Member of the founding team and in charge of coordinating the organization of the “Meeting of History of Alentejo Litoral”, 10th edition in October 2017.


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