Rodrigo Teodoro

Rodrigo Teodoro de Paula


Doctor in Historical Musicology with a unanimous highest honor by the University of Lisbon, Rodrigo Teodoro de Paula is also a licensed conductor in Orchestral Conducting by the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG-Brasil) and a master in Studies of Musical Practices – Music and Practise by the same university and in Ancient Music Interpretation by the Catalonia College of Music/Autonomous University of Barcelona.

While leading the Capella Brasilica group in Brazil, he recorded the “Modinhas CD.” which was praised by magazines like Bravo, Concerto and the Historical Magazine of the National Museum. As well as performing concerts promoting the Luso-Brazilian Musical Heritage of the XVII and XVIII centuries. He was the pianist of the Lyrical Jazz Group, which recorded a self-titled record that Milton Nascimento performed.

He also performed in concerts with the acclaimed singer Elza Soares in a social project featuring professional and amateur musicians to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Samba and the 50th Anniversary of Bossa Nova (2008). In 2012, Rodrigo founded the ALEMMARES Ensemble, based in Lisbon, in which he settled and was dedicated to the musical study and historical interpretation based on Ibero-American Music, performing at renowned festivals, like the “Música em São Roque” from Lisbon, The International Festival of Ancient Music of Diamantina (Brasil) and the African Art Festival at Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Between the years 2015 and 2020, he worked for the Brazilian Department of Culture as a technical reviewer, in which he reviewed high-complexity musical projects(FUNARTE – Lei Rouanet). He was the director of the Concert Cycles of the Brazilian National Museum of Music in which he is a collaborator since 2009 and has produced multiple events with prestigious institutions such as the International Colloquium “Música & Museu (2019)”, the “Mostra Identidades Brasileiras – Música Negra Urbana (2011)”, the Itinerant Exhibition of Indigenous Cinema (2013) (Casa da América Latina)and the Concert commemorating the 15th anniversary of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries – CPLP (2011).

Furthermore, he was part of the coordination for the International Colloquium’s “Indigenous Cultures in the 21st Century” (Latin America House, EDP Foundation, Lisbon City Council, Embassies of Brazil, Mexico, and Ecuador – 2012.) and academic events such as the three editions of the Ibero-American Meeting of Young Musicologists (Lisbon-2012, Porto-2014, and Seville-2016), the International Meeting of Historical Soundscapes (Évora, 2019 and 2021), The International Congress of Soundscapes (Braga, 2020 and 2021), among others.

He was also the creator and curator of the exhibitions “Música Transatlântica” (2018) and “Marfim & Música” (2019), both at the National Music Museum in Lisbon. Rodrigo Teodoro is a member of the line of research “Music in the Modern Period”, of the Nucleus for the History of Luso-Brazilian Music – Caravelas, at the New University of Lisbon and a researcher at CESEM-pole Universidade de Évora. He was a guest professor at that institution and at the University of Minho (Braga – Portugal) — where he collaborates with the Department of Music and is part of the project team “Espólio Eurico Thomaz de Lima (1908-1989) – Catalogação e Estudo” (CEHUM-UM)

Within the scope of Historical Soundscapes, as a doctoral researcher, he was part of the project Patrimonization of the Historical Soundscape of the City of Evora – PASEV (CESEM-CIDEHUS/University of Evora) and has published several articles, held national and international conferences on this topic and dedicated to research on the history of Portuguese-Brazilian Sineira heritage and practice. On the latter, he has carried out several actions aimed at the preservation and safeguarding of this heritage, such as the “Festive Rings for the European Night of Researchers” (Évora, 2020), the webinar “O Património Sineiro Português” (2021) and the “I Encontro Iberoamericano de Sineiros (Braga, 2021)”.