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Researcher’s European Night 2018 – CESEM’s Participation

Five researchers from CESEM, integrated in the Early Music Group (António Baptista, Cátia Silva, Mariana Lima, Esperanza Rodriguez, Andrew Woolley, Rui Araújo and Océane Boudeau) will participate in the Noite Europeia dos Investigadores with the subject “Os manuscritos musicais da Idade Média: apresentação do trabalho de investigação realizado pelo Núcleo de Música Antiga do CESEM”, where manuscripts and their musical notations studied by the researchers of this group will be presented. In this activity, in addition to some interactive games and puzzles aimed at younger audience, attention will be drawn to the relevance and importance of these documents, highlighting the means used for their dissemination, especially the databases developed and designed by the laboratory. Thus, they reflect not only how technology can be used to search for sources and musical-historical heritages, but above all how the results of these investigations can be made available to the community.

For more informations open the link of the event: https://noitedosinvestigadores.org/