Musical Iconography

Musical Iconography

Coordinator: Luzia Aurora Rocha
Co-Coordinator: Luís Correia de Sousa

The thematic line of Musical Iconography unites CESEM researchers dedicated to studying art with musical themes, spanning both static and moving images. It also supports researchers outside the iconography field who seek to approach this subject with scientific rigor.

Musical Iconography holds significant importance, intersecting with diverse disciplines like Art History, History, Sociology, Aesthetics, Semiotics, and Museology, impacting tangible and intangible heritage approaches.

Through the open-access ICONOMUS database, it enables easy access to Portuguese artistic sources with musical content, serving academic and general audiences effectively. The electronic publications, also freely accessible, represent a valuable scientific resource, the result of the work carried out by the thematic line.

The main objectives include promoting methodological consistency in image analysis, encouraging source cataloging in databases, innovating methodological approaches, offering guidance across study cycles, and fostering national and international cooperation.