Caravelas’ Biographical Dictionary it’s Online

The Caravelas’ Biographical Dictionary is a non-profit digital publication, being an initiative of the Caravelas (Research Nucelum for the History of Luso-Brazilian Music), CESEM / NOVA FCSH.

Coordination: Alberto Pacheco
Consultants: André Guerra Cotta, Diósnio Machado Neto, Luísa Cymbron, Marcelo Hazan, Luciane Beduschi
Webmaster: Rui Araújo

1 – The main purpose of the dictionary is to gather biographical information from music professionals and amateurs who worked in the Luso-Brazilian empire (1500-1822). These time limits may be extended for personalities who, after the independence of Brazil, acted in both countries, or whose musical work had a special resonance in both Brazil and Portugal. In the case of foreigners, the emphasis will always be on their activity within these geographical limits (eg.: composer David Perez’s stay in Portugal). Other names may also be included if warranted.
2 – The dictionary aims to be a dynamic means of disseminating and exchanging information.

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