Tiago Gonzaga Videira

Tiago Miguel Gonzaga Videira


Tiago Videira is a Creative Mind with a big passion for music. He is a researcher, music producer and music engraver holding a Degree in Musicology, a Masters in Philosophy – Aesthetics and a PhD in Digital Media in the framework of the UT Austin-Portugal Program. Tiago has been a Research Fellow in a project of Critical Edition of Repertoire by Luso-Brazilian Composers (c. 1750-1930). Works include the Modinhas of Father José Maurício; Theater works among the catalogue of D. Maria II Theatre; Organ works of Luso-Brazilian composers featured in the collection of Joseph Joubert; Chamber orchestra and choir work “Uyáras” by Alberto Nepomuceno; Opera “La Donna di Genio Volubile” by Marcos Portugal; Magical-theater “As Três Cidras do Amor” by Santos Pinto [in progress]. Furthermore he has created, produced and engraved dozens of musical works ranging from songs, solo piano pieces, film and animation music and works for various ensembles.

Tiago Gonzaga Videira is a research fellow holding a PhD fellowship in Digital Media in the framework of the UT Austin-Portugal Program, funded by FCT, having lived two years in Austin as a visiting researcher. His dissertation consisted of a generative model for fado songs. He has a Masters in Philosophy – Aesthetics and degree in Musicology.

Current Research interests:
Critical Edition; Songwriting; Musical Semiotics; Generative Music; Computational Musicology; Popular Music; Portuguese music and culture.