Get to know Rita Torres’ latest publication

Creative processes in musical composition: sources of inspiration under self-scrutiny

Rita Torres has published an article in Vórtex Magazine, on open access, on a self-study around the inspirational sources of the creative processes of all the pieces that she composed up to now.



Self-studies on creative processes in musical composition are scarce. And so are studies on processes of female composers. Driven by these problems, I decided to investigate my own creative processes. I started with all those that occurred up to now, focusing the study on the inspirational sources of the processes. I sought to know not only what they inspired, but also how they appeared in the processes and my path, thus bridging literature gaps. Through a preliminary analysis of the data – which I collected by writing accounts based on the available sources of information – I developed a framework to analyse systematically my data, which may be used by other researchers in similar studies.


Rita Torres is an integrated researcher at the Center for the Study of Sociology and Musical Aesthetics (CESEM) of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of NOVA University Lisbon. She holds a PhD in Science and Technology of the Arts from the Portuguese Catholic University and has degrees in Chemical Engineering, Guitar, Musicology/Music Informatics and Composition. ORCID: E-mail: