Rui Penha

Composer, media artist, and performer of electroacoustic music, Rui Penha was born in Porto in 1981. He completed his PhD in Music (Composition) at the University of Aveiro. His music is regularly recorded and played in festivals and concert halls around Europe and North America, by musicians such as Arditti Quartet, Peter Evans, Remix Ensemble, or the Gulbenkian Orchestra. He was a founder and curator of Digitópia (Casa da Música, Porto) and has a deep interest on the relationship between music and its technology. His recent production includes interfaces for musical expression, sound spatialisation software, interactive installations, musical robots, autonomous improvisers, and educational software. More recently, Rui has focused his attention on the problems of defining and guiding artistic research. He taught at several Portuguese institutions, in both music, art and engineering faculties, and is currently an assistant professor at ESMAE and researcher at CESEM. More info at
Publications and other outputs:

Penha, Rui. “On the Reality Clarified by Art.” ÍMPAR: Online Journal for Artistic Research 3, no. 2 (2019): 3-34.

Marinho, Helena, Maria do Rosário Pestana, Maria José Artiaga, and Rui Penha, eds. Hidden Archives, Hidden Practices: Debates about Music-Making. Aveiro, Portugal: UA Editora. 2020.

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